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The Sophia Center

Wisdom Centered Learning for a Changing World

“We are in a deep transformational crucible in which communities like The Sophia Center represent a crucial, heroic community with a vision that is sharply different from mainstream society. We have to hold space for each other to go through our deep transformations.”


Rick Tarnas, PhD, The Sophia Talks

New Offerings - Now Enrolling!

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Series of 3 Panel Discussions
3 Live Panel Discussions        $59
Circle Members Free!

A Prophetic Feminine Wisdom Hidden in Sacred Stories

Loralee Scott, MFA
RECORDED   4 Classes        $79

Ursula Wirtz.jpg

Goldmine or Minefield?                 
  Ursula Wirtz, Ph.D.
   Begins Nov. 6th!
--------------------------   4  Class Live Course!                   $110
Circle Members FREE!     

On-Demand Courses - Available at Your Convenience

Findng Our Way Home The Soul's Path to What Matters Most.png

The Soul's Path to What Matters Most

                           Demaris Wehr, Ph.D.   
 Available on Request
--------------------------    8 Recorded Sessions     $99
Circle Members FREE!

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Samuel Kimbles course promo slide.png

Intergenerational Complexes in Analytical Psychology
                                Samuel L. Kimbles, Ph.D. 
Available on Request

4  Recorded Sessions!                          $99
Circle Members FREE!      

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                       A Sophia Talk with
                           Maria Tatar, Ph.D.
                          Available on Request
--------------------------   A Sophia Talk!                               
Circle Members FREE!     

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After the Hero, What the Fck.png

Panel Discussion                 
      with Andrew Samuels, Betty Sue Flowers and Vorris Nunley
                              Available on Request
Circle Members FREE!     

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Get All Our Offerings at NO Charge!

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Circle Members FREE!     

Sophia Center Author Talks!

In Brigid's Footsteps.jpg

In Brigid's Footsteps
with Linda McFadden
Saturday, August 21st
11:00 AM - Noon EDT
On Demand Lecture         $17.00
Circle Member Discount            FREE!

Linda McFadden.jpeg
Sam Kimble book.jpg

Phantom Narratives
with Samuel L. Kimbles
Saturday, Sept. 18th
11:00 AM - Noon EDT
-----------------------On Demand Lecture          $17.00
Circle Member Discount            FREE!

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 10.42.36

Nonviolence & Individuation
with Renee Moreau Cunningham
Saturday, Oct. 2nd
11:00 AM - Noon EDT
On Demand Lecture          $17.00
Circle Member Discount            FREE!

Renee Cunningham.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 10.35.01

Heart Coherence & The Embodied Sophia

with Anne Elizabeth Taylor, Ph.D.

Saturday, Nov. 13th

11:00 AM - Noon EDT


Live Discussion!          $17.00

Circle Member Discount            FREE!

Anne Taylor.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 10.41.07

Reconnecting with the Sacred in the Wake of Trauma
with Shoshana Fershtman, Ph.D.
Saturday, Dec. 4th
11:00 AM - Noon EDT
Live Discussion!                       $17.00
Circle Member Discount            FREE!

Shoshana Fershtman.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 12.24.05 PM.png

Cultural Complexes and the Abjected Feminine
with Dennis Pottenger & Rebecca Livingston Pottenger
Saturday, January 8th
11:00 AM - Noon EDT
Live Discussion!                       $17.00
Circle Member Discount            FREE!

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 10.12.35 AM.png

The Sophia Talks - Series II

Political Rupture and Personal Responsibility in Times of Crisis

with Professor Andrew Samuels

 Click on photos to go to the recorded talk.

COVID and the Apocalypse II.png

“Feisty, wise conversation.”

- Maura Conlon

Andrew Samuels June slide.png
Andrew Samuels July 25 slide.png

“Conversations that take

my mind beyond boundaries.”

- Gloria Crist

“Just fantastic!” - Cate Cabot


The Sophia Talks - Series I

 Click on photos to go to the recorded talk.

Rick Tarnas.jpg
andrew Samuels.jpeg
Susan Rowland.jpeg
Elizabeth Nelson II_edited.jpg

Sophia Talk I:

Rick Tarnas, PhD

Elemental Energies from the Depths - the Astrological and Archetypal Influences for Revolution and Reform

Sophia Talk II:

Andrew Samuels, PhD

Revolution, Reformation and Revisioning Psychoanalytic Practice in Political Cultures

Sophia Talk III:

Susan Rowland, PhD

Exploring the Mysteries of the Walled in Woman within the Academy, the Psychology and the Psyche

Sophia Talk IV:

Elizabeth Nelson, PhD

Deep Purpose in a Superficial World: Transformative Silence and Hearing the Voice of Soul

The conversations have been stellar! I have learned so much about deepening my own voice from these Seeing Red and Sophia Center experiences. - Marilyn Matthews, MD, Jungian Analyst

Congratulations on a totally successful beginning for The Sophia Center. I can’t wait to see more of what you are creating!

- Barbara Joy Laffey, PhD

The launch with The Sophia Talks catapulted me into a fresh way of thinking about the world and gave me hope.

- Carol Rose Brown, Artist

The Emergence of Sophia


“Foreshadowed in the pages of the Red Book, hidden behind the images of Salome the seductress, and Elijah the wise one, written into the cosmologies of almost every major world religion — yet culturally exiled to the shadowy world of the complex. She has remained hidden and marginalized for centuries. Until now. Now she emerges from the cultural chaos, carrying vessels of wisdom and compassion. Her name is Sophia.”

— Loralee M. Scott, Founder and Director, The Sophia Center for Transformative Learning

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