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What is Eros in Relationships About?

    Eroticism is something overpowering that, like nature, can be overwhelmed, exploited or betrayed. Our understanding of Eros has to do with this primal experience of the inescapable, the power of Eros, which can become our salvation or our disaster. Eros strives beyond the narrowness and confinement of our ego-ness towards a You.


     "Where love awoke, the ego dies, the dark despot" says Rumi, the Iranian mystic. Love and death appear as siblings, Eros and Thanatos, for there is no unity without the death of duality. Every erotic striving bears witness to the cosmic law of dying and becoming, which binds us into the eternal cycle of life.Eros evokes excitement, attraction, drive, desire, and longing for union, a tension between instinctive, biological sexual desire and transcendent longings for connection with that which transcends me. Eros is the life principle of relationship-creating, it has to do with connection. Eros is not only to be understood in a concretely sexual way, but also symbolically and transpersonally.


     In eroticism, the numinosity of transcendence, the primal shudder, the fateful and creative nature of desire is revealed. But Eros is also shadowy, as the love dramas of world history show. Eros can seduce us into love madness, drive us into madness and bring to life not only the most beautiful, but also the lowest in us. Eros has transformative potency, it can transform or destroy us.


     In this four week series of workshops created by Ursula Wirtz, Ph.D., you will be introduced to the many faces of ‘bittersweet’ Eros, his wings spreading from heaven to hell, bringing love and lust, torturous enchantments, heartbreaks, power struggles and betrayal. As much as this transient, irresponsible God can drive us mad, he also can become a catalyst for our individuation process, transforming the inflicted wounds into wisdom. On the collective level, when desire is infused with awareness, he can become a healing force for a culture devoid of relational and holistic attitudes that are Eros based.

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Diving into the world of Eros with guided imagination, poetry, artwork, and mythology you will become familiar and reflect on:


· Who is Eros and what do the various myths tell us about its      origin?

·  Why Eros as the revealer fosters Seeing and Knowing

· How Eros, as Daimon can become the soul’s guide to         creativity

·  How Eros relates to the art of Healing the Crucible of Love

· Eros and Pathos: The Shadow side of Eros and Sex

· Eros and Transcendence: The spiritual component of Love

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Why Study with Ursula?

Ursula Wirtz, Ph.D., graduated from the C.G. Jung  Institute Zurich in 1982. She has a doctorate in literature and philosophy from the University of Munich. Besides maintaining a private practice in Zürich, she is a training analyst, supervisor and faculty member of ISAPZurich and a much-loved Advisor and Faculty member of The Sophia Center.

Dr.Wirtz has numerous publications on trauma and spirituality. Her most recent book is : Trauma and Beyond. The Mystery of Transformation. Routledge.

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Eros in Relationships Course Details


• Four Weeks of 90 minute live webinar sessions with Ursula on Saturdays,

   November 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th

•  All  webinars are from 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT/ 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM PT (via             Zoom)

• Recorded Links for each session

• Weekly Creative Prompts & Resources

• Invite to a Private FB Group

• Tuition: $110 USD - Circle Members: FREE!

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