A Theoretical and Experiential Workshop Series!

 “So long as the sacred feminine is not honored in ourselves, we will be driven to rape Mother Earth.”    


– Marion Woodman

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Start Date: April 7th - May 5th, 2020

Number of Classes:  5

Frequency: Weekly - Tuesdays 

Time: 8:00 - 9:15 PM EST

Class Length:  75 Minutes

What You Receive:

- Weekly on-line learning community

Each weekly 75 minute class includes:

- 45 minute weekly teaching plus experiential work using guided meditation, active imagination, mindfulness, breath work, and somatic awareness

- Teaching sessions are recorded for you to watch as often as you'd like

- 3o minute unrecorded segment with faculty for group process sharing

- Weekly experiential process assignments to further integrate the course concepts​

- Private on-line forum for sharing and discussion

Workshop Registration: 

Non-member: $250

Member:  $199

Honoring the Feminine as a Way Forward


Author and Jungian analyst Marion Woodman held that the great work of our time is to bring the feminine into consciousness within our culture, while suggesting that work can only be done on a deeply personal level—through tending to our dreams, images, and feelings. When we pay

attention to what needs to be felt, said, lived, or grieved, we honor the feminine as we tend to the

authentic self.


Cultural trends are expressions of the collective unconscious, and what arises from the depths of the collective is experienced by each of us as individuals. Gilda Frantz wrote, “If devaluation of the feminine is correlated with environmental and societal degradation, the antidote to these ills must include a revaluation of the role [of the] feminine.” We can respond to that call by addressing our patriarchal culture’s inherent power imbalance, by choosing to honor the feminine as a way forward.


What does that actually mean? In many ways, the idea of “the feminine” has become a cliché, as it has moved beyond the realms of psychology and spirituality into the mainstream culture. Today, while there is keen awareness of the patriarchal foundations of our Western civilization and the need to create a better balance by embracing the feminine, there is little awareness of how to accomplish that. Is it enough to support feminism or worship goddesses or elect more women to public office or advocate for sexual assault survivors? Such efforts signal a new awareness and a more respectful attitude toward women in the world, but the true feminine exists more deeply within our selves—within men as well as women—in the depths of the psyche. For lasting change, we must engage with both the inner feminine and the inner masculine at the deepest levels of our inner worlds, where true change begins. This work is at the core of a new world view based on interconnectedness and compassion.


Blend of Theory and Experiential Depth Work


This five week on-line course provides an opportunity to pay attention to the authentic self, in order to experience a new, life-affirming balance. Each 75 minute session will include a blend of story and theory, along with experiential work using guided meditation, active imagination, mindfulness, breath work, and somatic awareness. We will engage directly with the inner feminine and inner masculine, listening deeply, witnessing what their union reveals about our lives and our world, and inviting their guidance for the way forward.


The conscious inner partnership between masculine and feminine within an individual becomes a powerful agent of change in the outer world. People of all genders, including trans, non-binary,

and non-gendered, can benefit from accessing these facets of our inner realms.

Honoring the Feminine 5-week course



Week 1

Engaging with the feminine and masculine aspects of our inner world


Week 2

Meeting the inner patriarch: our unconscious bias toward privileging the masculine


Week 3

Connecting with the feminine through the body, feelings, intuition, and inner guidance


Week 4

Integrating this work into our daily lives: shifting into heart/love


Week 5

Honoring the feminine in the outer world: a cultural perspective


Barbara Joy Laffey, Ph.D.


Barbara Joy Laffey holds a Ph.D. in depth psychology with emphasis in Jungian and archetypal studies. She trained in counseling and group process facilitation at the Toronto Institute for Self Healing. In her research and writing Barbara Joy utilizes a depth psychological approach to explore what it means to honor the feminine in both the inner and outer worlds. She also holds a BA in Communications and is an award-winning film and television producer. Barbara Joy considers herself a shamelessly addicted student of popular culture. She lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest.

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