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Seeing Red at the Movies - New Series!

Start Date: February 19th

Time: 8:00 - 9:30 PM EST

Number of Classes: 7

Frequency: One/Month

Class Length: 90 Minutes

Non-Members: $124

Members: $99

What You Will Receive:

* Seven 90 minute webinars

* Opportunity for live Q & A with featured faculty

*Six month Access to Recorded webinars in the on-line library 

Course Description:

The inexorable call of psyche and soul to inner wholeness presents us with a paradox that often  challenges the contours of our closest relationships. Jolande Jacobi described the individuation process as, “learning to follow the Self in its dance.” Like the intricate steps of the tango, this is a dance where we must learn to move in partnership with the other while at the same time holding the tension of the space between.  On this dance floor of individuation, the degree of disruption within the relationship is often proportional to the degree of individual commitment to lean into the call of Self.  Saying "yes" to this call may ask no less than the archetypal hero’s journey not only of the individual, but of the couple as well.


How is it possible to maintain the intimacy that is needed for our closest relationships while still allowing space for ourselves and our partner to grow and evolve?  What is the price to be paid for learning to follow the Self in this dance?  What is sacrificed if we say no to this call?  In this new Seeing Red at the Movies series, therapists and Jungian scholars will explore these archetypal themes in film & cinema.  Working with contemporary films like The Wife and The Shape of Water as well as older classics like The Turning Point and Lost in Translation, each presenter will illuminate this dance of individuation and intimacy illustrated on the big screen. 

Each 90 minute presentation will include time for a question and answer session with the presenter.  Some of the clinical themes that will be addressed  include but are not limited to:

       manic defenses 
       borderline issues 
      abandonment complexes
      malignant narcissism 
      the puer and puella archetypes 
      trans-generational repetition of traumatic wounds

All of the sessions will be offered via the Zoom on-line platform and will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience. 

Now available for Single Film purchase too!

Non-Members: $25 per film

Members: $20 per film

February 19th
Ken Silvestro, PhD

Georgia O’Keeffe

no streaming rental, $12.99 purchase on Amazon

March 4th
Sandy Salzillo, LMHC

The Shape of Water


no streaming rental, $14.99 purchase on Amazon

April 1st
Chris Peknic, LMSW
May 6th
Marilyn Matthews, MD

The Turning Point

no streaming rental,  $44.99 purchase on Amazon

June 3rd
Barbara Joy Laffey, PhD

The King’s Speech

free on Netflix or Amazon streaming rental $3.99

July 2nd
Elizabeth Nelson, PhD
August 3rd
Loralee Scott, MFA

Legends of the Fall

Amazon streaming rental $3.99

What Women Are Saying About 
​Seeing Red Courses:

Immersing myself in Seeing Red brought me to the center point of authenticity that only peeling back the layers of who we are can bring. The lectures and presenters, the insight from others, the awareness, the navigation of complexes, complications, loss, fierce love and even more fierce self reflection surrounded by a collective of others who are taking the Seeing Red deep dive, allowed me to inch closer to a developmental edge of motherhood, sisterhood, womanhood.
 –Gloria Crist

New aspects of psyche are being revealed through this course in deeply meaningful ways, through a process of deep engagement…the creative residency being a culmination point of sorts that has prompted new awareness and exposed areas of further inquiry. This course is proving to be transformative on every level.
​–Adrienne Jenkins

Every movie, every Thursday presentation, every book reminds me that I came to the planet on a mission! 
​- Pearl Gregor

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