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September 24th

Invisible Women:

Stories of Women Spies in WW II

Diane Greig, Ph.D.


Their stories reveal multi-faceted highly skilled, adventurous and capable women who, leaving their daily lives, discover liberation from the cultural norms of pre-war Europe navigating espionage operations that could result in death, captivity and/or torture. Although these women would be celebrated if men, they have been left out of historical record. In pop culture there are sensational versions about women spies often attached to men’s stories. Authentic stories of women’s bravery, different from men’s stories, have not been told or celebrated. These narratives and commentary help balance the record of undervaluing women’s contributions and debunking stereotypes. 

Diane Greig, Ph.D. is a B.C. Reg. Psychotherapist (BCACC), R. Psychologist (CAP) and Certified Hypnotherapist (CSCH) who has over 25 years of experience exploring psychological, cultural and creative related issues with clients and colleagues. Diane is a depth psychologist and researcher who has presented nationally and internationally at universities and conferences in Greece, France, UK, and USA about emerging feminine consciousness and feminine cultural shadow, that is, how women in western society are misrepresented via historical and psychological lenses. Aspects of these presentations have been published in both French (France) and English (USA).  Currently, Diane has an online private practice helping women tap into their fuller creative potentials whether at work, in relationship, family and/or community. She continues to collect women’s espionage-related stories through archival documents and lead her dream sharing community. 

October 1st

Thank You. I Am a "Bitch”:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the Wild Feminine, and the Collapsing of  Masculinist Life and Rhetoric in the Public Sphere

Vorris Nunley, Ph.D. 


Using Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s verbal flogging of Senator Ted Yoho and male indecency/belligerence and Dr. Nunley’s background in rhetoric and philosophy as touchstones, interview will make legible the historical and rhetorical antecedents of AOC’s speech; explore and re-vision notions of the erotic, power, and “nasty women”:  subvert  the normative wall of patriarchy and white fragility in the public sphere; excavate women’s rhetoric as the dark and wild feminine of philosophy and male metaphysics; and offer a strategy or two to resist what writer Rebecca Solnit refers to as “mansplaining.”

October 10th  *Saturday

Elizabeth Brodersen, Ph.D. 

October 15th

What's Gender Got To Do With It? 

Pat Berry, Ph.D.

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