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Join me in this four week journey, where we will explore these stories and the wisdom that waits in the silent places. In this series, you will receive three 45 minute recorded webinar presentations; each exploring a different archetypal season of silence. You can engage with these at your own pace, when it's convenient for you. Each recorded presentation will look at sacred stories, poetry, myth and some of Jung's writing in the Red Book to discover:


·The wisdom found in the silence of grief

·The wisdom found in the silence of awe and wonder

·The wisdom found in the silence of the desert places


Each session will include creative prompts that you can use for your own process of journaling or creative engagement. The fourth and final session will be a live gathering on Tuesday, December 21st, via Zoom, where you will have a chance to participate in a sharing of the themes and wisdom that evolved as a result of your engagement with this material.

Listening to a Creative Silence - The Prophetic Feminine in Sacred Stories

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