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Gayle Bohlman.jpg

Gayle Bohlman, LCSW-C

Towson, MD

I have offered therapeutic relationship for clients since 1980. My work is dedicated to offering presence, supporting the psyche's striving toward whole- ness, and offering integrative processes for accessing mind, body, and spirit. I also teach yoga and yoga nidra meditation. My book, Mirror, Mirror:Transforming Narcissism to Self-Realization, was published by Chiron Publication in June 2019. I explore the path to healing narcissistic wounds using three myths to elucidate this process.


Towson Counseling Center

Botkin Rosvita.JPG

Rosvita Botkin, PhD


Santa Fe, NM

I am a Jungian Psychotherapist and Life Development Coach. I have taught at the Graduate level for 20 years and have given workshops and presentations nationally on the topics of dreams, 

the creative use of Imagination and Transpersonal States of Being. I support people in bridging everyday reality with Transpersonal Awareness and to live life on the threshold of these realities -

in "the liminal space of the in between."  


Carol Rose Brown.jpg

Carol Rose Brown


Santa Fe, NM

I have been painting and drawing since I can remember. I recently began photographing dioramas that I make. My work has been shown in museums and galleries across the United States and, to a limited extent, in the rest of the world.
I paint and draw what I want to look at. Often that is wild animals, people I know or landscapes I love. The dioramas are some of my interior thoughts made visible.


Cleo Doyle.jpg

Cleo Doyle, PsyD Doctoral Student

Pasadena, CA

I am doctoral student of clinical psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, working on my dissertation that appears to be centering around Lacan and Kristeva at the moment. I hold a master’s in Jungian and Archetypal Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute with interests in depth typology and Toni Wolff’s fourfold model of the feminine psyche.



Pearl Gregor, Author, PhD

Dream Sanctuary and Workshops

Alberta, Canada

Speaker, author and workshop facilitator. Hostess for Deep Dream Sanctuary. Multiple ways to support those wishing to deepen their lives through creative soul expression.  Serenity walks, gardens and cud-chewing ruminators support your journey of descent and ascent in the labyrinth of the deep feminine. 

780.941.2106 or 780.717.3629

Dreams Along the Way

BJLAFFEY SMALL vert MG_3044-2 copy.jpg

Barbara Joy Laffey, PhD

Teacher, Writer, Mentor

Freeland, WA

I hold a PhD in Depth Psychology with emphasis in Jungian and archetypal studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I teach and write about what it means to honor the feminine in both our inner and outer worlds. I also enjoy writing and teaching memoir, and I'm deeply passionate about mentoring teenagers.


Marilyn Matthews.jpeg

Marilyn Matthews, MD 

Jungian Analyst, CTACC

Santa Fe, NM

I aid people in awareness and development applying Jungian psychoanalytic techniques. I have worked successfully with client who have experienced depression, bipolar disorder, trauma (PTSD), and integrating body symptoms with better health.



Elizabeth Nelson, PhD

Teacher, Author, Editor, Mentor

Los Angeles, CA


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Elizabeth Nelson PhD

Chris Peknic.jpeg

Christopher Peknic, LCSW, MSW

Clinical Psychotherapist, Depth Pattern Analyst

Bristol, RI

Chris is a Clinical Psychotherapist and Depth Pattern Analyst who focuses on the transformation of individuals and relationships in order for them to increase their happiness and meaning in their lives. He works to identify hidden patterns and parts of ourselves which when revealed and changed, can significantly enhance the growth of the individual and relationship.



Transform Relationships Therapy

Susan Rowland , PhD.jpg

Susan Rowland, PhD

Professor, Author, Pioneering Jungian Arts-based Research

Beverly Hills, CA

I am a teacher and scholar of literature, arts, depth psychology, gender and writing. My goals are to contribute to the understanding of the deep creativity of the psyche through teaching, research, writing and dancing!  


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Susan Rowland PhD Books

Sandy Salzillo garden.png

Sandy Salzillo, LMHC

Mental Health Clinician, Depth Pattern Analyst

Bristol, RI

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andrew Samuels.jpeg

Andrew Samuels, PhD

Psychotherapist, Professor, Activist, Writer

London, England

Andrew Samuels is a Jungian analyst, university professor, author, activist and political consultant. He is well known for his work at the interface of psychotherapy and politics. He is a former Chair of the UK Council for Psychotherapy, co-founder of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility and of the Alliance for Counseling and Psychotherapy. His many books have been translated into 19 languages.



Andrew Samuels

Lor headshot white shirt gray background

Loralee Scott, MFA

Founder & Director, The Sophia Center for Transformative Learning

Whispering Pines, NC

Loralee has designed programming focused on the intersection of depth psychology, theology, feminine oppression and creativity for over ten years. As an Integrative Coach, MBTI Consultant, Archetypal Pattern Analyst, and public speaker, Loralee has developed training programs to catalyze breakthrough creativity and organizationally sustainable transformation for Fortune100 Corporations. She also works with individuals in private practice.



Loralee M Scott, Integrative Coaching

Rick Tarnas.jpg

Rick Tarnas, PhD

Professor, Author

San Francisco, CA

Rick Tarnas the founding director of the graduate program in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). He is a graduate of Harvard University (A.B. 1972) and Saybrook Institute (Ph.D., 1976). He is the author of The Passion of the Western Mind, and Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View. 



Cosmos and Psyche

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